VILLA SARGIANO SUMMER POOL ACCESS RULES (Open in summer only) - The pool is not public. It is private and family use only for Guests staying overnight in the VILLA. In the Pool Area wifi works and there is a changing room bathroom. There is NO trained staff to supervise and assist (lifeguards). Access to the pool area obliges each guest to take responsibility and control of their own family or group. The depth of the pool is 90 cm around the perimeter and up to 210 cm in the centre. By LAW, the use of a personal towel, slippers, swimming and swimming cap is compulsory. In the SUMMER pool area, all clothing and objects must be stored inside the personal bag. The crowding density in the SUMMER pool area is calculated as 7 persons in the water and 7 sqm per person in the sunbathing and green areas. Before entering the water in the SUMMER SWIMMING POOL area, guests must take a thorough soapy shower all over their body; it is forbidden to spit, blow one's nose, urinate in the water; very small children should wear nappies. It is recommended that parents/caretakers take care to supervise their children to ensure that they respect spacing and hygiene and behavioural rules, compatibly with their degree of autonomy and age. Guests who use the swimming pool, for their own family or group, accept that Villa Sargiano is not responsible for any damage arising from the use of the pool. Villa Sargiano protects the Health and Privacy of each Guest.