The master flat (family) is totally independent from the Guests



Tourist rental in Villa regulated according to art. 70 L.R. 86/2016 and art. a D.L.50/2017.
The ancillary services served such as breakfast and tidying up of rooms are not allowed.
Contractual regulations are accepted online and reconfirmed by email upon booking

After one night... you will want to... sleep there... forever!!!

Quick online check-in by sending guest documents by email or mobile
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BOOK your Arrival and key collection time (between 14:30 and 15:30 (unless special arrangements are made)) and BOOK your Departure (Check Out) with key return (by 10:00)

On-line contract Tourist Lease Villa Sargiano and Reception Info

THE TOURIST LEASE is granted only in the portion of the property, period, number of persons, rent and conditions indicated in the online booking. The Guest expressly accepts all conditions confirmed by email, in the civil and tourism code or according to local custom. The Guest with the online booking and payment, also accepts the privacy policy, the terms of payment, cancellation policy and the information and regulations indicated herein. At the end of the Tourist Lease the accommodation must be clean and tidy. CREDIT CARD AS GUARANTEE: At the CHECK IN you will be asked to present a credit card as guarantee. A SECURITY DEPOSIT may be requested, either in cash or with a pre-authorisation on a credit card as a guarantee for any special cleaning and damages. The deposit is returned or cancelled by credit card pre-authorisation after verification and check at CHECK-OUT

VILLA SARGIANO protects the Privacy, Health and Serenity of every guest.


TAX € 1,50 per person per day. Stamp Tax € 2,00.
ARRIVAL CHECK-IN TIME - KEYS DELIVERY ON RESERVATION FROM 2:30 p.m. / 3:30 p.m. (unless special arrangements are made). Guests may leave and re-enter at their leisure using the keys handed out and the electronic gate pass. DEPARTURE CHECK-OUT TIME - On the day of departure, each room at VILLA SARGIANO must be vacated, tidy and clean by 10:00 a.m. (unless special arrangements have been made). Delays will result in an additional night being charged. The failure to return or damage the keys of each room on departure will incur an extra charge of € 200.00

EXTRA UTILITIES € 5,00 per person per day (except for special offers and rates).
INSIDE THE ROOM IN VILLA SARGIANO you will find everything you need: blankets, pillows, towels, personal hygiene accessories, hairdryer.
CLEANING ACCESSORIES - The use of plates, glasses, cutlery, kitchenette, pots and pans, barbeque, kettle, coffee maker, refrigerator and washing machine, requires immediate cleaning after each use to avoid being charged an extra € 100,00.
PETS FOR RENT ALLOWED ONLY SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZE if AUTHORISED AT BOOKING. NO AGGRESSIVE BREEDS - MAX 1 PER ROOM. Extras € 15,00 per day for each of your animal friends. Your animal friend must always be accompanied by the host in the common areas of Villa Sargiano. For dogs, the use of a leash and muzzle is compulsory; for cats, a pet carrier. The Municipality of Arezzo stipulates the obligation to always carry resealable, waterproof bags for the proper collection of excrement and droppings. The Municipality of Arezzo points out that the abandonment of excrement carries hygiene and health risks and is a cause of decay.
GUESTS' FRIENDS - No other people are allowed access. (except in the case of special agreements that provide for an extra charge).
REGULATIONS FOR ACCESS TO THE SUMMER SWIMMING POOL AREA. (Open in summer only) - The swimming pool is not public. Use is private and family only for guests staying overnight in the VILLA. You will NOT have experienced staff to supervise and assist (lifeguards). Access to the pool area obliges each guest to take responsibility and control of their own family or group. The depth of the pool is 90 cm around the perimeter and up to 210 cm in the centre. By LAW the use of flip-flops, swimming costume and swimming cap is compulsory. In the SUMMER pool area, all clothing and objects must be stored inside the personal bag. The crowding density in the SUMMER pool area is calculated for sanitary purposes at 7 persons in the water and 7 square metres per person in the solarium and green areas. Before entering the water in the SUMMER POOL area, guests must take a thorough soapy shower all over their body; it is forbidden to spit, blow one's nose, urinate in the water; very small children should wear nappies. It is recommended that parents/caretakers take care to supervise their children to ensure compliance with hygiene/behavioural rules, compatibly with their degree of autonomy and age. Guests using the swimming pool for their own family or group accept that Villa Sargiano is not responsible for any damage arising from the use of the pool.


NO SMOKING. CONNECT TO THE ELECTRICAL SYSTEM ONLY shavers, mobile phones, tablets, hairdryers, hair straighteners. It is not permitted to connect vehicles, scooters and electric bicycles.

SILENCE is especially welcome during the hours 22.00-08.00 and 14.00-16.00
RESPONSIBILITY - Villa Sargiano is not responsible for objects left unattended. Force majeure will exempt Villa Sargiano from compensation for temporary lack of gas, electricity, water, internet connection. The wifi connection is free and password protected for legal use only.


Who who books online declares that he and all his guests at the CHECK IN must be: A) free of temperature with 37.5° degrees or higher - B) free from quarantine risks of any transmissible disease - C) authorised under current laws to stay in Arezzo during the period booked. Use hydro-alcoholic solutions and tools for cleaning independently. Every item supplied for use by Villa Sargiano to the guest must always be sanitised by the guest before and after each use.

Villa Sargiano Oasis of Happy Wellbeing in the Italian Heart of Tuscany Country

The swimming pool is only open in summer