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    Healthy Fragrances and Flowers The Wonderful Flowering Wisteria
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    Villa Sargiano for Knights Deep sleep with plenty of oxygen
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Villa Sargiano and Arezzo Equestrian Centre

Villa Sargiano for Knights Deep Sleep and Plenty of Oxygen

Many sportspeople choose Villa Sargiano because, immersed in the woods, it encourages the oxygenation of red blood corpuscles with pure spring water at 23°C for an excellent rest from the physical and emotional exertion required for competitions. We are only 5 minutes from Arezzo Equestrian Centre.

Rider families, groups and couples rated us highly for: - 1) The location: Villa Sargiano is immersed in the Protected Area Sargiano Natural Park, 5 minutes from the city centre. 2) The family welcome: Smiles, human relationships and indelible memories. Attention, small gestures. Commitment and passion for each guest demonstrated by the excellent reviews. 3) The cleanliness and sanitisation to protect guests from infection and disease. 4) The kitchenette available to some SUITES for self-catering and breakfast. 5) The summer swimming pool with spring water at 23°C. 6) The free WIFI, judged to be excellent. 7) The free and fenced parking area. 8) Only 6 Tuscan country-style rooms / suites for 2 to 4 people. 9) The walking trails. 10) A paradise surrounded by wonderful flowers butterflies, squirrels and many other small animals. If you decide to Sleep and Breathe at Villa Sargiano: read the medical evidence of physical and emotional well-being. The cure has a poetic name Japanese: Shinrin-Yoku in English Forest Bathingh Therapy (森林浴 "taking advantage of the forest atmosphere"or 'bathing in the forest'). Villa Sargiano is the solution for a SUITE in a Villa a few minutes from the city centre, surrounded by greenery far from the traffic and noise of the city. Read here about the hospitality regulations and the special government regulations to protect guests from disease and infection. We have great rates from 2 to 7 nights.

Arezzo Equestrian Centre - Thirty-two hectares of land, 118,000 square metres of sports facilities, 3 competition fields in siliceous sand and a grass field over 1.8 hectares wide that is considered among the best in the world, 4 work fields, one of which is covered (70x30) and 400 horse boxes for guests. These are the numbers of the Arezzo Equestrian Centre, one of the most prestigious competition facilities at a European level that already hosted the Italian leg of the Global Champions Tour in 2004 and since 2010 has renewed its organisation and expanded the range of equestrian events by including thirty competitions in the federal programme every year.